Purchase Agreement Line

This article contains information about sales contracts. A sales contract is a contract that requires an organization to purchase a certain amount or amount using multiple orders over time. In return for this commitment, the buyer receives special prizes and discounts. If you don`t validate a sales contract, you can still use it to create orders. However, the history information for the sales contract is not recorded. If we activate the checkbox “Max will be forced,” the specified amount is the maximum amount that can be consumed/released in the date of purchase with the sales contract. This will allow us to prevent more quantities from being released only as indicated in the sales contract. The type of commitment, which only indicates whether the sales contract is based on a value or quantity, is different from the commitment document used by public sector organizations in France. For more information on commitment documents, see (FRA) On commitments (public sector). To prevent the use and confirmation of your sales contract, check the contractual status as concluded. You can update the status to effect at any time after this change. On the “Purchase Agreements” page, you can establish, apply and track purchase agreements between your organization and your creditors. After creating a z.B sales contract, you can order directly about it.

Each sales contract has a validity period defined by the person who establishes the sales contract. The delivery date of a purchase must be set on the validity date. If you validate a sales contract, the current version of the sales contract will be saved in a history table. If you change the sales contract, you can confirm it again to record another version of the sales contract in the history. If you don`t validate a sales contract, you can still use it to create orders. However, the history of the sales contract is not recorded. You can view or print all versions of the agreement in the preview. You can then unlock your lender`s revisions to get permission. You can identify a primary responsible workforce and a secondary responsible workforce in the classification of purchase contracts. These values are inherited by the resulting sales contract.

They do not need to add a responsible workforce to the sales contract and they can be modified directly on the basis of the sales contract itself. You cannot specify a secondary responsible person without a primary responsible workforce, when you do not need to have a secondary responsible workforce. You cannot specify the same work force as the responsible primary and secondary workforce. You can create a sales contract or sales contract for one of Intercompany`s business partners. You can then generate the sales contract or the corresponding sales contract for the other intercompany commercial party in the other corporation. Price and discount are fixed – The price on an order position and the price of the associated commitment cannot vary. If the price of the order position is changed, the link to the commitment is broken. If the link is broken, the command post does not contribute to the execution of the engagement. On the Respect tab in the information register The details of the lines of the purchase agreement form show amounts and amounts of compliance.