Prenuptial Agreement Sacramento

These are agreements that were made after the marriage, but before one of the parties separates, separates, leaves or dies. These contracts contain provisions similar to those usually found in pre-marital contracts. Post-nuptial agreements can only be implemented to perform two functions, (1) to change the character of community property or vice versa, or (2) to amend or revoke a pre-marital contract. Historically, individuals used marital agreements as a strategy to protect prosperity. People with a high fortune design them to protect their property during a marriage. In modern society, many people sign a marriage agreement to avoid further confusion or because they recognize the strong potential for divorce in modern society. A common argument against marital agreements is that someone who wants one expects a divorce. But that is not true. If you have car insurance, it`s not because you expect a crash. A matrimonial agreement can be considered a kind of insurance. Most family lawyers can develop a marital arrangement, but the results are different. I am the lawyer Linda D.

States, and I have been writing marital agreements since I started practicing family law. I have prepared, defended and questioned marital agreements for some of the wealthiest in California. I know where prenups can be harmed and I use that knowledge to develop stronger agreements. California has strict and detailed requirements for an applicable matrimonial agreement. In California, prenups are subject to the Premarital Agreement Act of 1986 (UPAA). The UPAA sets out certain basic conditions for the validity of the agreement: finally, the agreement cannot be “unacceptable”. It cannot be the result of a seriously unequal bargaining power and cannot unduly favour a party. The court will consider a prenupe that is wrongly favouring a party. Marital agreements may provide rest during marriage with respect to what would happen during the divorce, and minimize hostilities over the division of marital property. Whether you`re suggesting that you and your future spouse enter into a pre-marriage contract, or that you have been introduced by your future spouse with one, Bartholomew-Wasznicky LLP can provide you with experienced legal assistance. Our lawyers have more than 125 years of combined experience and include two certified family law specialists.

This experience gives us an unparalleled insight into the most common topics that couples considering preconjugal agreements do not take into account.