Grant Agreement Erasmus Kit

Scholars receive an apprenticeship agreement signed by the university, the fellow and the company. It guarantees recognition of experience gained abroad (for example. B ECTS or enrolling in the Diploma Supplement). Read the instructions carefully on the UniGe Online website for signing the Erasmus agreement. Please note that the program provides grants, but does not offer internships. You should look for an investment on your own. Some internship offers are published on our website (Placements in Europe). N.b. For more information, write to If you wish to extend your stay abroad beyond the duration of the contract, You must send to the International Mobility Service the request for an extension of the deadline (Annex B in the section Important Documents on this page) by e-mail with a statement of the foreign university`s willingness to accept Erasmus conditions for the new term and to Richiesta di riconoscimento esami in Mobility estera – Request for authorisation for foreign mobility examinations (in the section Important Documents on this page) of the competent professor at the University of Genova. Dr.

Julia Johnsen E-mail: erasmus-outStb2∂intl kit edu Infomation session Erasmus is a program that offers the opportunity to study abroad in one of the countries participating in the mobility program and offers a grant to eligible students to help them make the most of the experience. You can only apply if you have accepted the Erasmus scholarship and the selection committee has specifically designated you as the recipient of a foreign language course. Presentation of the aid agreements signed with the beneficiaries of Erasmus aid. These agreements are concluded by higher education institutions participating in Erasmus for mobility activities for students or staff. If you need help selecting specialized courses, please contact the department coordinator directly. This period of stay must be replaced by a confirmation of residence and be gilded as an effective Erasmus eligibility period. Details can be found in the grant agreement and in the 2020/21 grant guide. Each student receives the Grant Agreement and a detailed guide containing the pre-departure funding conditions sent by email.