Agreement Between Countries To Support Each Other In A Common Interest

6. The parties are working to mobilize financial resources to support, within their capacity, the scientific and technological cooperation activities carried out under this agreement. 5. Contracting parties keep each other informed of developments in trade and trade policies such as agricultural policy, food security policy, consumer policy and environmental policy. 3. The parties agree to cooperate to promote mutual environmental assistance and the integration of environmental concerns in all areas of cooperation. On the other hand, the formation of the TTIP would contribute to further changes in the governance architecture of global economic processes, even though the Doha Round for the Development Of the World Trade Organization (WTO) is largely deadlocked. In collaboration with the Transatlantic Trade Partnership (TPP), which was formally agreed in February 2016, TTIP intends to extend the scope of contractual mechanisms of economic regulation beyond the WTO agreement. It also shifts the trade and investment liberalization initiative of international economic organizations with universal memberships to regional economic entities, thereby strengthening the position of economically developed countries, particularly the United States, in the governance system of global economic processes. 1. For each area of cooperation under this title, the parties agree to conduct activities at the bilateral or regional level or through a combination of the two, including through tripartite cooperation. 2.

Cooperation between the parties is based on a specific needs assessment carried out in the context of mutual consultations between the parties and carried out in accordance with relevant EU legislation and individual companies. Cooperation focuses in particular on: 1. This agreement enters into force on the first day of the month following the date on which the last contracting party informed the other party of the completion of the legal procedures necessary for this purpose.